Situated 480m above sea level with its dry and breezy climate ideal for winegrowing, it is the largest place of production of Fiano di Avellino wine and one of the few towns to boast two grape cultivar names: Fiano and Taurasi.

In the eighteen century besides the Franciscan convent
of Santa Maria degli Angeli, and the Filangieri family, a network of small and mid-size owners who grew Fiano grapes in the best parts of town prevailed.
Including the Romano family with their vineyards in Stazzone, Scarpone and their big farm in Arianiello. The hillside of Arianiello rises above the Calore Valley on the other side of Taurasi. Its position with respect to surrounding hills more than its altitude above sea level, determines the very good conditions for cultivating vineyards. Its position is protected on the east by the Picentini Chain, whose closest hills are Mount Luceto at 1,296m, Mount Cervarosa at 1,079m, and Mount Guardiola, 917m., while due west there is the Partenio Chain. On some evenings one can make out the scent
of the current of the gulf, packed with marine excitement, coming from the south-west quadrant.
Making its way through the Calore Valley in the east and the Sabato Valley in the west, it manages to give this land the peculiarities everyone recognises.